Last year 1stStrike Asset Management sold more than $8.5 million worth of surplus, over $7 million of it in the Fairbanks area. As the only local liquidation resource with online realtime auction capability, 1stStrike is the most efficient venue for surplus disposal in Alaska's Interior and on the North Slope. The 1stStrike website,, uses proprietary programs to quickly and efficiently market surplus and sell a wide range of materials and equipment.

Why does 1stStrike have the advantage?

  • 1stStrike has the largest customer base - proven buyers of surplus - locally, nationally, and worldwide.
  • 1stStrike can provide local asset disposal logistics, including auction lotting, photography, and expert valuation.
  • 1stStrike can help assure compliance with HAZMAT, OSHA, and MSHA safety regulations, keeping dangerous substances out of the waste stream.
  • 1stStrike can help protect against inadvertent release of proprietary information and data, leased materials, and restricted software.
  • 1stStrike can help prevent the loss of confidential files and legally sensitive material.
  • 1stStrike maintains vigilance for controlled medical devices and other sensitive materials such as lasers and other restricted export high-tech devices.
  • 1stStrike is the only liquidation company in Alaska whose first goal is protecting the interests of the seller. We work to assure surplus liquidation nets a high rate of return and that surplus disposal is safe, legal, and trouble-free.